Hipster glasses

hipster glasses

Few years ago hipster glasses were associated with geeks, pre-makover schoolgirls from romantic teenager targeted movies, Clark Kent, Buddy Holly and basically with anybody who is old-fashioned or simply a misfit. Back in 1960′s these glasses were loved by the artists and musicians, but later on they have fallen out of style. Over years they had few brief returns (remember the famous sunglasses of The Blues Brothers, the Emo’s?), though, were usually associated with counterculture.

Today, these glasses suddenly started appearing on the front row at fashion shows, on the red carpet, and nerd or counterculture association finally faded away. These glasses have eventually made their way into mainstream again and if you are style-conscious but short-sighted – hipster glasses are the ones to wear.

Are they intended to be nothing but functional glasses for people with poor vision? Some hipsters wear eyeglasses even despite their perfect vision of 20/20. The glasses are not just glasses anymore – wearing glasses is a fashion statement. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Chris Brown, Mary Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham and many others have claimed this eye wear as style item. Following the trend, a number of shops (not only optic shops) have laid out hipster frames without prescriptive lenses on their shelves. So if it’s not a function you are looking for in the glasses, but style, just make sure your lenses are made of regular glass and enjoy your new look.

So what to wear if you want this nerdy hipster look? For “classic” hipster look you should go for large, black rectangular frames, usually made of thick plastic or horn for more chic and authentic look. “Classic” hipster frames usually reach the brow at the top and midpoint of the cheekbone at the bottom. And then there are variations of it – frames of all the possible colors and more or less rounded versions of the glasses. Given that the appropriate “nerdy” size is maintained, hipster glasses can also come in thin metallic frames. Other types include oversized plastic framed glasses, frames of unique shape and also various vintage frames. For extreme look you can go for something absolutely crazy – such as single-piece spectacles. As for sunglasses you can go for something wacky like shutter-shades or glasses, tinted in all the colors of the rainbow.

Whether you are short-sighted or not, just let yourself go wild with glasses and be stylish. Choose any hipster glasses that suit your personality and have fun. Because being a wacky “geek” has become cool!